HM-FB SERIES High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6000W-12000W

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EtherCAT Bus System, Performance More Excellent

Equipped with EtherCAT bus control system and drive system, the machine has higher-speed data transmission, higher cutting accuracy and more excellent performance of cutting thick materials; stabler and more flexible.

Exchangeable Double Worktables, Efficiency Much Higher

The exchangeable double worktables can achieve cutting and putting materials at the same time. When the machine is cutting material on one platform, the user can still pick up finished product and put new material on the other platform. Waiting time and working efficiency will be reduced and improved respectively.

Easily Loaded Into 40HQ Container, Cost Saving & Easy Installation

1530/1540 size machine could be loaded into 40HQ container directly without disassembling the machine’ enclosed protective cover, transportation cost is low and it’s also easy and convenient to discharge and install the machine in the seaport and your factory!

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