Technical parameters

Technical Apecification

Laser power interface typeLaser wavelength rangeCollimated-focus lengthFocus lengthSwing frequency gasweightCleaning scope size External power-supplyoperating environment
≤2000wQBH 1070±2055mm400mm150Hzcompressed air≈2.3Kg0-55mm1100*640*910mm220/380v,50/60Hztemp 0-40℃
wet 20%-80

All technical parameters are subject to the latest teochnical solution. Not all model parameters are displayod.

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Why choose fiber laser cleaning?

  • Increase productivity,without waiting and drying time, easy to be automatized.
  • Precise cleaning.can only clean the area required
  • No abrasive materials are used,with no problems of contaminant separation and disposal Canrealize precise position,size-selective cleaning
  • No chemical used,friendly to the environment
  • Non-contact process never degrades in quality
  • Easy to process,reduce labor costs

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